Sunday, February 12, 2012

Heart Day

I was window shopping in Balmain earlier this week and saw a great wall hanging. I thought it was over priced so I made my own version with some left over paper that I had. :)

Seeing that Valentines day is also around the corner I made the shapes into hearts to celebrate the day of love.

I know that many people hate Valentines day because it's so commercial etc etc. but I love it. I don't think you need to spend money to celebrate love. I think a little imagination and thoughtfulness goes a long way. So if you have someone special you're thinking of this time of year think outside the box and enjoy love in whatever way shape or form it comes in.
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  1. Amazing photos, I love your blog! :)
    Now I'm following you! ;)

    Darleen Hope of

  2. Hi Darleen, you're my first comment ever on my blog! Thank you very much! So good to hear feedback on what people think about it and I'm glad you like it. :)

    And thank you for following me!

    How exciting!