Thursday, February 9, 2012

I bought a map today

So yes, I bought a map today thanks to my co-worker Tim. He was telling me about this map store he went to and got me all inspired. I've always thought they were cool and it means that Dan and I can stare at it a dream of where we'll go next. Pretty excited to get it in the mail!

I've always loved looking at maps and it made me remember a map that used to be my Dads and is now mine. 

I would spend hours pouring over this special edition Readers Digest map book. It had all sorts of cool things in it. Like gems of the earth, the different kinds of clouds there are, (one of my favorites) facts about the planets - outer-space. I love this book and I particularly like the pictures of the old world map on the inside cover.

I've taken a few photos of this beloved book for you to enjoy too. Can't wait to get my wall map in the mail!!

if you look closely you can see Woodinville just above Seattle

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