Saturday, March 24, 2012


The past couple of weeks I've been really wanting a desk. I really hate sitting on the floor or the couch or my bed trying to type and change position every so often as it gets uncomfortable. 

The dilemma is that our house is so small I had to find something that would fit!

I heard about this op shop that had good furniture and decided to go check it out. I found this vintage telephone book/side table thing with a cubby hole that was the perfect size for me and would fit in the corner I had in mind for it. My vintage op shop green chair that I got a few months ago also fits under it like it was meant to be. It would do the job perfectly until we get a bigger place. Sadly a new place is in our near future too. We're in the market for a new place as the owners of our loft have told us they want to move in at the end of our lease. Oh well, onto bigger (hopefully) and better things!

Here are a few snaps of my humble but practical desk. I love the cubby hole!

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