Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jacob and Jills Wedding

I went to Jacob & Jill's wedding today and it was the cutest wedding. I thought that I could get some good photography practice in so I brought my camera. I had a lot of fun taking snaps. I couldn't wait to get home and put a few up. 

All the decorations were so well done. I love taking photos of the thoughtfulness that went into their wedding.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful bride and groom and their lovely wedding.


  1. Man!! These pictures are FANTASTIC!! So Happy for Jake and Jill, so blessed to see their joyful smiling faces...the moments you captured here are killer shots...really give me a sense of what the day was like.

    Thanks a bunch (of flowers) Bonnie!! (sorry Dad joke)

    Looking forward to seeing more pics!!


    1. Thanks Tri!! I had so much fun taking the photos when I edit more I'll make sure to put some up.