Saturday, March 31, 2012

Market loot

Thank you Savannah. A few weeks ago Dan, Dave, Savannah and I hung out. We stopped into their place and she had this wonderful ladder in the corner which she told me she got from Rozelle markets. I loved it. It inspired me to take a trip to the markets one day and today I finally got there. I work in Balmain which is the suburb right next to Rozelle and lived in Balmain for a few weeks when Dan and I got back from our honeymoon and I always meant to go but never got around to it. Seeing what Savannah got made me realise they would have some pretty good stuff.

Anyways I found a ladder similar to Savannah's and had to buy it. I thought it would make an excellent book shelf. I've set it all up and there are some snaps below for your to enjoy. Not sure on the final set up of it but it'll do for now.

Savannah has a blog which you can check out at 

I had a ball there today. Walking around seeing all the great treasures people have collected and were selling was wonderful. The markets tantalized my senses. Walking through the crowds hearing different accents from people who have come from all over the world to this one spot to either collect, sell or watch. I walked by this women who had a smile on her face whilst looking through trinkets humming an indian tune to herself was lovely to watch and hear. I would walk past stands and catch a whiff of incense or yummy food or things I wasn't even sure of. It was so refreshing to be there.

I've also been getting into my craft lately and have started some  paper/string/ornament/I'm not sure yet things, to add to my paper crafting collection. I'm heading in the right direction but not there yet with them. I took a few snaps of my crafting as I really liked the paper I was using which was just a free brochure I picked up in a shop. Always the best when it's free! Take a look.
Sam Burge?

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