Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Holiday

Easter weekend has been lovely. It will always be a hard one to top as Dan and I got engaged on Good Friday. 

This Easter has been filled with family, Sydney and good old relaxation and as always remembering Jesus.

Dan and I went to the Sydney observatory on Good Friday of which you can see snaps below and on Easter Sunday we had a family lunch with my sisters and my wonderful nieces and nephew. :)

I hope that you had a great Easter too. :)

I must say that Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities. Had so much fun walking around and admiring all the buildings and old tiles and everything really. Love it.

I love Olivia she has the best laugh!


  1. Wow, Bonniemay your photography is exquisite! My favourite - if I had to pick, which I know I don't - is the terrace. Love Katie x

  2. Oh thank you so much Katie!! I love taking photos and it makes me so happy when others find beauty in the photos I take. The terrace was much more beautiful in real life. :)