Friday, June 15, 2012

Elle's Rainbow-Cake

So I made a cake for my little niece Elle for her 6th birthday. It was a little naughty of me as I just had surgery and should have been resting. I promise it wasn't too much work and when things were baking I was laying down. Promise.

Elle loves pink so I thought I would use pink icing and I've seen it done heaps on the net and thought a rainbow cake would be best for her.

I like to keep things easy and used packet cake mix and ready made icing. Makes things way less stressful and cuts on time. I love making from scratch but once again I needed to cut corners because I should have been lying down in the first place.

Check out the steps I took for making the cake below and try it for yourself if you want.

I hope it tastes good!


  1. I love love LOVE rainbow cakes! Had one just a couple of weeks ago!
    You are very clever with icing!

    1. Thanks sandy! I love rainbow cakes too! I've been seeing them on the net and Elle's birthday was the perfect time to make one. ☺ the colour turned out so vibrant. Very happy with the result. Thanks very much for your kind words!