Sunday, August 26, 2012

My "Chevron" Wardrobe

In a previous post, just a few days ago I addressed our issues of not having built-ins. This has lead to us trying to source drawers and hanging racks to put our clothes in.

People came to our rescue with a drawer and a standing wardrobe they found on the side of the road and did not want any more.

This particular wardrobe was nice and big but I thought it could use a "new look". I wanted something a little bit more funky and bright. So off I went to Bunnings for the necessary paint/sand paper/new knobs/drop sheets for the job ahead which took me a few weeks to complete due to the transporting of the wardrobe and painting in two different locations and finding the time to do it all! 

It's now finished and I'm pretty chuffed with how it looks. It seems that we are finally all settled in the storage department for all our clothes. Finally! 

Thanks Laurice and Adrian for your kind donation!

I recruited help along the way


  1. Wow! Another awesome job!
    Is that Elle you have as your helper??? lol

    1. Thanks again sandy! Always nice to get feedback! Yup it's Elle. The girls and Ezra were hanging around asking when I would start painting and if they could paint too. Elle as usual was a lovely little helper and helped hold things and watch whilst asking lots of questions. So lovely!