Friday, November 16, 2012

Holiday Wreath

The holiday season is upon us! I love this time of year because you can decorate your house with holiday paraphernalia. Any excuse for me to revamp the house and I'll take it!

I thought that a wreath was the perfect place to start. I've never made one before but I thought it can't be that hard?! So I was off looking for the appropriate wreath material and thought that Jade eucalyptus was a good start and I managed to find a bunch for $10 at my local flower/fruit and vege market. I thought that was a bargain. I've also seen dried oranges around the net used in many different holiday ornaments so I though that I'd dry some and use it in the wreath. 

All in all there was only two elements to the wreath but I didn't want to over crowd it and as I've never made one before I'd start simply. Once I know how to do it I'd try my hand at another one with more things.

I've used gold wire to hold the whole thing together and it was harder to manipulate than I thought but I pressed on and made it work. Then I decided to throw a few lavender pieces in. I think it turned out great and it smells WONDERFUL! The scent just fills the whole room.

Here's to the next wreath!

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