Friday, May 24, 2013

Copper Leaf Pot

Ok, I'm no expert in the art of leafing. But I saw this idea to gold leaf pots for plants on Pinterest that caught my eye for my new pot for my Fiddled leaf fig. (Ficus Lyrata)

I only just got the pot for the fig even though I've had it since February. I wanted this particular plant for so long and Daniel got me one as my valentines day gift, I was pretty excited when he got it and wanted to put it in the perfect pot but I just couldn't find one. So after all my procrastinating and trying to find the right one I gave up and went to Bunnings and got a plain one. I decided to copper leaf it like the ones I had seen on Pinterest to jazz it up a bit.

When I was leafing the pot it took me back to our time in Florence where we went to see the statute of David. They had a room that was dedicated to the art of gold leafing. You could watch videos on the way they used to do it all those years ago -it really is such an art. Throughout all the museums and cities gold leaf was everywhere, such a nice feature of Europe and it was all so beautiful. 

I haven't done a perfect job on my pot as the leaf is so fiddly and I'm not that patient but I think it looks good. It brings a nice light in that corner of our apartment now. :)

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