Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rowena's Something'th...

Today I had the pleasure of riding on a steamboat called the Waratah that was operated on 3/4 of a tonne of coal for our trip around the Sydney harbour. 

The reason for our trip on this epic steamboat was Rowena's birthday. She'll be celebrating her 50th birthday tomorrow and they hired the Waratah to celebrate with friends and family. 
The day was perfect for chugging along our beautiful harbour. The boat was such a treat and it was so cool exploring the heritage listed boat. 

Randomly you would see men with coal smeared faces disappear into the bowel of the boat and reappear again. They would tinker with gadgets and talk into tubes, that looked to be operated by their voice alone, I can only assume they were talking to another member of the crew - I like to think they were talking to a dragon that was helping them stoke the fire. 

The boat had a hum to it created by the giant engine(s) that was so rhythmic I nearly feel asleep whilst basking in the sun.

Happy birthday Rowena, it was the perfect way to celebrate and I hope you enjoyed the day because I know I did!

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