Monday, June 10, 2013

Refurbished Drop Leaf Table

Ever since moving into our apartment I've wanted a drop leaf dining table. It's the perfect solution for small spaces. You can open it up to fit lots of people around and then drop down the sides and push it against a wall or tuck it in a nook to save space when you're not entertaining.

So my search began for my drop leaf table that I didn't want to pay through the roof for. I went onto pinterest to get some inspiration and found this pin and fell in love. 

For months I've been looking on Gumtree and ebay and antique shops but to no avail. I could not find it anywhere. But I kept vigilant and finally found one for $50.00 on Gumtree! We also found two chairs like the one pictured for $12.00 each near where we lived which was great.

Everything fell into place. We picked it up thanks to Kt's Dad - who sanded the top and part of the legs down, then the painting began.

I really liked the natural wood look but also liked the thought of a painted surface that was clean and white. Kt had the idea to get a really high gloss enamel paint and varnish. The finish is perfect. It's like hard candy. We love it. 

There's still a few touch ups we need to do but over all everything has turned out the best I could have ever imagined. I never thought I would find a table for so cheap and just like the picture I saw on pinterest.

This is what it was like before it was painted.


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