Monday, July 22, 2013

Hair. Yes, I shave my legs but I'm not happy about it!

Okay, so this is a very different post from what I've done before on this blog and it's more of an opinion/rant. But I have to say that it's something that's been challenging the way I think and I felt I needed to say something about it.

*Stepping up onto soap box...


Why do women "have" to shave/remove or "feel" the need to rid themselves of most of the hair from their body?

It's a topic that I've talked with a few people about and makes me think, do I have it right or wrong? I guess it's not just about hair removal but the concept that women in particular feel the need to do certain things in society to fit in the "normal" box. I'm not saying men don't face the same challenges but I feel woman are more openly in the spot light when it comes to this sort of thing. And as I can't speak from a mans point of view, I'll stick to my own. 

So in all my pondering and some debating over this subject I was so excited to stumble across this conversation online. I was so excited to see other women talking about this topic and making some really valid points. Maybe it's the feminist in me, call it what you want but this topic really gets my brain going.

Now before you write this topic off - and I can hear some of you thinking "but I like the way I look (or the way women look) without hair just because it's how I feel" - I challenge you to think about why you think/feel this way. Is it because you genuinely like the look of no hair or because you've grown up in a society that tells you the hairless look is more attractive and the social norm?

Don't get me wrong I like the look of no hair too and I still shave/emjoi/wax my hairs away but I'm not happy about it! I hate the fact that I feel ugly about a very normal part of my anatomy and every woman's anatomy! And I have to spend so much time getting rid of my hair and feel self conscious when I've let my hair get a little too long. Women grow hair too and should feel okay to either remove or NOT remove their hair. But we don't. I'm guessing most of us feel the invisible pressure to conform and not just about hair removal.

I guess I feel pretty passionate about this topic because it makes me wonder how many other things I have an opinion about that I've never questioned.  How open am I really to other ways of thinking? Have I ever really questioned why my opinion is mine or am I just a product of the society I grew up in?

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  1. haha good point! i was discussing this with a few ladies last week myself!
    I have to say that i do know of 2 people who don't remove hair and couldn't care less!
    I can tolerate my own leg hair but not arm pit hair because i just STINK then hahahaha!!!! ;-)