Saturday, January 4, 2014

Holidays, Singing and Travel

Happy new year!

My new year has been filled with some down time with Daniel. I must say it's been so nice to chill out and relax. We've been going to cafes often and sipping coffee and enjoying some light reading. Dan the paper and me some YA (young adult) book I've picked up from the library. I love the YA genre.

We've also been planning our impending trip to the USA. Starting to get very excited now! We leave on the 15th of Jan and fly into a very chilly NYC. I don't mind the cold, coming from the US I've never got used to the seasons being in reverse here in AU. So it will feel nice to re-sync with US weather. Our time is as follows,


We would have liked to have gone to more places but our time is limited as there was only so much leave Dan could take.

I'm going to try and document our trip as we go so stay posted from the 15th of this month!

PS. On a side note I thought I would give you some insight into my relationship with Dan. He'll hate me for sharing this but I love this about him and have never encountered it from anyone else I know.

Daniel wakes up singing. Not literally but very soon after he says a few words to me or is pottering around getting ready for the day. He always has a song in his head. In fact I can hear him singing in the kitchen now. He'll often insert my name into the song too. I love this about him.  He always wakes up with so much enthusiasm. He says it's the best part of his day as the world is ahead of him with so many options. He sings more than any other person I know.

This morning the first song he sang was Into My Arms by Nick Cave, then he sang "I love baked beans on my toast" to the tune of another song I didn't recognise and then he made up a song about playing golf in the night time. There were more but I can't remember them now. This was all in the space of half hour to 45 min. The songs that come from his head on a daily basis astounds me. He has a such library that he pulls from it's amazing. I've asked him before where they come from and he just says, "they're all in my head floating around" and so he sings them.

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