Friday, January 31, 2014

Palos Verdes Adventures

Today I spent a lot of time sorting through old letters, photos, drawings that me Laurice and Sharon did and heard stories of my family tree. I never knew my Grand parents on my Fathers side so there's a lot of mystery and intrigue about who they were and what they were like, it was so nice to pick my Aunt Loretta's brain about them.

Heard stories of how my family is connected with D.A.R (Daughters of the American Revolution) Aunt Loretta is in the process of waiting for final approval and she said that we would be able to get in once she's connected too! How exciting to have such a history.

I've always heard that we had ancestors from the Huron Indian tribe and got to see a doll that belonged to my great, great, great something or other Grandmother - about 150 or more years back. Again, truly amazing that our family has such artefacts to treasure.

From the left: My Grandfather Lee, Grandmother Patty, and Great Grandmother Marcia

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