Monday, January 27, 2014

San Francisco Day 1

Today was great. I feel like we went all over San Fran. I'm sure we didn't and probably did all the touristy places but I loved it.

We started off by taking the iconic trams. Got off and had a good coffee in Nobs Hill area and then walked to China town. On the way to China town we stopped by Grace Cathedral and it was amazing. I seriously left so happy. Hanging from the roof were hundreds of different coloured ribbons and the effect was stunning. I could have stayed for ages.

San Frans China town was one of the best I've ever seen and to top it off we came whilst they were having Chinese New Year celebrations. 

Then we walked from pier 1 Market place (which was amazing) all the way along the piers. So much food and fun to be had. We saw seals, beautiful wharfs and the bay really put it on today.

Then we went to the curly part of Lombard street (after walking up I'm sure the steepest hill ever) It was a curly one too! 

Then we headed to Marina/Pacfic Heights and came across a lagoon with a beautiful Palace of Fine arts.

The houses around this area where seriously beautiful. I'm sure it was a very expensive part of town to live in. And to top the day off we went to Chestnut St for dinner at the Tipsy Pig, yum! I would highly recommend walking down this street as it had good restaurants and pubs that were nice but not too touristy like the Piers where.

P.S This city makes a wicked sourdough! They serve chowder in a sourdough cob loaf. Yum!!

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