Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The BEST Choc Chip Cookies

I just had to share this recipe. In my opinion they are the best choc chip cookies. EVER. 

I've tried a lot of recipes out there but I can't go past this one from my childhood. 

It's not some recipe thats been passed on from my generations past but one that Nestle taught me.

It's seriously the one they put on the back of the packet of choc chips, but its on the American packets. You can google it but it's here if you want it. 

You can add to it too! Add nuts or the zest and juice of an orange (just enough to not change to texture) or anything else and I'm sure it will taste wonderful. Today KT and I added orange and they are YUMMO!

I also decided that they are the perfect little gift if you put them in a jar. I love collecting jars for ingredients or just to hold flowers. Inside a jar these little cookies make a yummy really cheap gift! If you are a friend of mine you might get this gift in the future. Sorry for spoiling the surprise.

Here are some we prepared earlier.

PS. The trick is to take them out until they are just golden.

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