Monday, February 24, 2014

Ceramic Mugs by Bridget Bodenham

Last week I ordered 2 x Bridget Bodenham ceramic mugs from the stockist Otis and Otto and they arrived today!

I had a feeling they would get here today as I was mentally tracking them in my head (however that works!) and when they did I smiled in delight. I was pretty excited to have afternoon tea with my new ceramic mugs along with some Rice Crispy treats I had made - had a major pregnancy craving for them.

I've been following Bridget and her work on instagram for a little while now and just had to have one of these mugs. They are just so rustic and trendy with the shiny gold handle. Drinking from them and holding the mug feels really nice and the ceramic permeates the warmth of the tea perfectly.

For the longest time I've wanted to take a pottery class and Bridget has inspired me to look into some classes. Keep up the good work Bridget! I'm sure I'll be ordering more of your lovely work!

Gosh I love these mugs!

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