Sunday, April 6, 2014

Baby Maher Shower

Yesterday was a wonderful day of celebrating Baby Maher that is soon to greet us.

My sisters, Kt and I transformed the house into a flower wonderland. We went to the Sydney flower markets at 5:00am and got ourselves a bargain on bundles and bundles of flowers. I just knew that I wanted to have flowers around me for the baby shower and that we did! 

I also got to use my blue gum logs that I got off Kt's Dad about a week ago and painted last week. They are for the baby's room but they came in handy yesterday to display the wonderful flowers we got. I love them so much!

I just have to say thank you to my wonderful sisters who helped me organise the shower and really stepped up on the day to make everything happen and Kt our room mate who was such a wonderful help.

We had a joint boy and girl baby shower. After all Daniel is going to be a new father and he deserves to be showered too! The boys joined us for a little while and nibbled on the afternoon treats with us and then they went down to the Killara Golf club-which is pretty much in our backyard and had a really good time playing pool, drinking and bantering the afternoon away.

Our apartment was packed to the rafters and such fun was had, I couldn't have asked for a better day. 

Again thank you everyone for all the lovely gifts and for celebrating with us yesterday we feel so blessed and loved!

Here are some photos of the apartment before everyone came to celebrate with us.


  1. Such pretty decorations! I love that you haven't gone with traditional 'baby shower' decorations :-)

    1. Thanks Sandy! I'm not really into the traditional baby decorations. Whilst the baby isn't here I figure I have to make the most of what I like. It's also tough not knowing the gender of the baby. I like to break traditions!