Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Baby Room Snippets and Buying Tips

I'm playing the waiting game. Baby Maher is not due yet but labour can happen anytime from now and the sooner we meet him/her the better. The scene is set and I can't tell you how many times I've tweaked the baby's room already in anticipation!

I have to keep telling myself though that I should be grateful for this time as things will never be the same for quite sometime and as most people have told me you can't put it back!

Pregnancy can be overwhelming just like any major change in anyones life and sometimes it all comes down to mentally telling yourself it's all gonna be alright and don't stress, things will fall into place. And it does! I remember thinking when I first found out I was pregnant, "How am I going to get everything done??" I just felt overwhelmed with all the things that needed to be done from finding the right hospital and choice of doctor or midwife, from what kind of pram or crib to get and when!

Something I've had to keep telling myself is that you don't need it all or even the best of the best, you just need the essentials and things that will do the job for the time thats necessary. Of course spurlging on some pieces are fine but there is so much you can get out there, it can set your budget back big time and in the end you gotta weigh up, "do I really need this?" or "do I really need the expensive version of this?"

Anyhow, grab whatever bargains you can and a tip from me would be online shop if you can! Particularly for sheets, blankets and accessories etc. Be prepared to wait for your purchase(s) but I've found it's the best for a bargain and trends. Also people are so willing to buy gift(s) for you and I've found the best way to save money is be up front and practical about what you want. We asked for money toward our pram for our baby shower and ended up only having to pay less than half for our pram. If you know what you want and need, it's best to put it forward when people want to buy for you.

I thought I would put some of the great buys/gifts that we've gotten for the baby/room in preparation. 

Just click on the picture(s) and it will take you through to the site.

We only had to pay for $300.00 of this pram as the rest was given to us through our baby shower. It was also on special, the bassinet was FREE! and there was $100 off the pram itself. Sweet!

Now I have to say that I did not purchase this next item. I was privileged enough to have some of my girlfriends buy this gift for me and I was very, very grateful as it's LOVELY baby bag!

Last but not least I just got this beautiful baby blanket from an Etsy seller, Modfox and I love it. It's a nice soft cotton print on one side and mink binky soft on the other. This was a splurge item for me but I just had to have it.

The items above are pretty much the major buys/gifts that we got. In terms of clothing I didn't go over board as we are unsure of the gender of the baby. I've shopped at Target and Big W and most other clothes/wipes/towels/etc have been gifts. I'm reluctant to get more as I know the baby will grow quickly and once we know if it's a boy or girl I can get some gender specific cute clothes it can grow into.

Oh! I forgot, one of the biggest tips I have for you! Maternity clothing. Oh jeez! This was such a nightmare for me. I have to say most of the brick and mortar shops out there that sell maternity cloths are grossly over priced and not trendy at all. So I went to the internet and the best place I found was Asos. Seriously, trendy affordable and so easy. Some of the clothing would be fine to wear after the bump has gone too.

Everything else in the room in terms of decorations have been things that I already had and stole from the original resting place to live in the baby's room. 

There are so many more bargains we got but I just thought I would mention a few. Now that I'm nearing the end of the pregnancy looking back there's so many things I didn't know how I was going to tackle but we're nearly at the end and I can say we're happy with our journey. There are so many paths you can take. For us one of the things we wanted to do is keep cost down and I think we managed to do just that. In all honesty we could have done it all even cheaper as people were so willing to help and give us their used prams and cribs etc but we wanted to have a sense of our own style too.

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