Thursday, July 24, 2014

Creative storage

So Poppy has a small room. You literally have to walk through our room to get to hers. It's an older style apartment and it has a couple of these sunroom type spaces and one is off our room.

It's the perfect nursery. It means that we can co-sleep without having her right in our room, we can still close the door if we need to! It also means that she gets her own space without taking up a spare room.

But it's small. As she grows we're getting things for her here and there which means we need more storage space. I don't want to clutter her room with more furniture but I need more storage!

When we moved and set Dan up with an office at home we went to Ikea and got a shelving unit and along with it Ikea also had these great little boxes that you can make up for storage and I thought they would be a perfect solution for Poppy's room and only $1.99 each!

BUT they're a bit plain so I made them a bit more appealing by painting them with triangles, white for now but you can easily painting over it later with something more colourful.

I really love these boxes because if you tire of them you can easily recycle them because they're cardboard! Cheap storage that you can change when your style changes or when your space grows. 

I've been trying to figure out how to arrange them as I'm loving them in every corner! You can put them anywhere!

When Poppy gets older she can be as rough with them as she wants and maybe she can paint new ones when these wear out.

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