Thursday, August 21, 2014

List of things I'm loving right now

Just thought I would list a few things I'm loving ATM.

Lets be honest I'm loving anything thats of the Ficus family. We now have three variations of the ficus in our house and I'd gladly add more.

Uashmama are the best, you can pretty much do anything with them. Put a plant in it, put food in it, put anything you want and automatically its trendy.

Bolga baskets are the best, similar to the Uashmama you can do anything with it and it looks good around the house. I love how earthy they are.

As an Aesop enthusiast I love all their products but I'm particularly loving this body Balm I picked up the other day. So scrumptious on my skin!

Oh and always loving my Mister Daniel! 

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