Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Fathers Day to Mr. Daniel

Today is the very first Fathers day that Daniel has ever experienced as a Dad. 

So I just have to rave about why he's the best Father (so far) ever.

Poppy smiles at everything so she's not the most accurate judge of whats good. All she knows is that she's happy or she's not and if not, she'll cry and we fix it somehow. Not that she doesn't love Daniel. She's just young and still getting to know the world and us.

So at this stage being a father - and Mother is really the support that we show each other in parenting Poppy.

And as far as that goes Daniel is the best. It's not about big gestures of Fathering that make him special but all the little things he does.

 Just to give you an example. The other night when I was feeding at 3am in the morning. I felt someone staring at me, other than Poppy and looked up into our room to find Daniel sitting up in bed waiting for me to see him (through my blurry eyes) and when I did he simply said "I love you" and went back to bed.

Sure, he drives me up the wall sometimes but thats just because we have different ways of doing things and we'll disagree but thats great in a relationship to challenge each other. Thats just real life. But when it comes to Poppy and me, I know he'd try moving heaven and earth to make us happy and in his own way he's already doing that, starting with saying I love you in the middle of the night.

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