Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fiddle dee dee

A few years back Dan gave me the best Valentines day gift so far. A fiddled leaf fig. (Ficus Lyrata)

He knew that I had been wanting one for awhile and rather than flowers got me the ficus and I loved him for it.

He got my good sized one for $60.00. Now the price of them has sky rocketed! You can pay hundreds for a good sized one.

So I decided to see if I could get some cuttings from the one Dan gave me. It was in need of a prune but I couldn't just cut away the precious branches! 

Anyway, I wasn't confidant doing it myself so I called in Dan's Dad who's a horticulturist to help me out. He air layered the ficus and it worked a treat.

2 months later and my ficus had babies!

Here's a website that can help you out if you'd like to make some cutting from your plants.

Air layering

Now to keep them alive. 


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