Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We Made it to 1 Year

So many feels today.

I can't help but think about the night 1 year ago today that brought Poppy into the world. Everyday of this whole year seems so vivd to me. From the moment I saw her, to her crawling around on the floor today chatting to herself.

All I could think about during those first few weeks which I think are the hardest for any new parent, (not because the baby is difficult although they can be, but because having a new life in your world is such a shock to the system) is get to 1 year. In those weeks all I could think about was making it through. I would mark out in the my head, just get to 3 months. Then it would be just get to 6 months and the 1 year mark was the ultimate goal by far.

If I can make it to 1 year was all I kept telling myself. Don't get me wrong Poppy has been a model baby (most of the time) to be honest with you it was breastfeeding that was the hardest. But getting to 1 year was something I instinctively felt was something significant. It meant you made it through the baby stage! It was also the fear of the unknown. There are so many things that can go wrong with a baby in that first year you dread coming across any of them so you worry about doing the best you can to make life easy for your little one and you.

Anyhow I could go on forever, as any parent could about their journey and baby but I just wanted to mark Poppy's 1 year birthday with a post on how we made it to 1 year! I think we deserve take out tonight and I'm gonna crack open a bottle of champagne!

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