Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Back to Natural

Recently friends of ours decided to – as much as they can, live a waste free life. Free from cheap plastic packaging that comes with almost everything you buy from the supermarket etc. and using containers that are healthy and easily reusable.

I really admire the journey that they are embarking upon. It really challenges the way I think about shopping and living our lives. Going down this path only means that food will be fresher and life simpler as it's clear cut what you can buy and what you can't.

It really appeals to me on a couple of stand out levels.

1. It's good for the world. No waste = no landfill and all that entails.

2. The lifestyle it evokes is simple and can be very aesthetically pleasing.

3. It's healthier.

Whilst I love this concept I can't say that I'm 100% on board. Not because I don't love the concept (because I do) it's just such a big lifestyle change to wrap my head around. But I can easily say I'm on my way. I think there's no harm in assessing and reevaluating the waste that I buy and how I can better implement this lifestyle into my life.

I have to say that talking with them about it has already set me towards this journey. I find my self unconsciously thinking about the things I'm buying and asking the question is there a better alternative? How I can reuse what we already have? Looking at my pantry and wondering how I can shop better to reduce the waste and in turn have a more functional kitchen/house. I can't help it, the seed has been planted. Whilst I'm a long way off the clear cut expulsion of plastics in my life I can't turn off this thought process and it's changing my decisions along my journey in buying already.

One such decision that I made lately is in my bathroom. As I mentioned above one of the reasons I love this concept is because it can be aesthetically pleasing. This is a big draw card for me as I hate clutter. And the bathroom is a place that clutter can build up in an instant. All those shampoo bottles and soap dispensers and refill bottles, the list is endless! We've already made the switch to bamboo toothbrushes. They just look so nice and uniform. But yesterday I made the switch to using a bar of shampoo and conditioner rather than bottled.

I got the bars from Lush, a shop that I've always loved. Their range is quite good. It's also very accessible to me with a shop at our local mall. As it's only the first option I've tried it's still on trial. Having used it this morning, writing this now my hair is still drying but I have to say it feels so super clean, light and has left no residue at all. I'm liking it so far.

The product is all natural (no hard stuff to try and understand on the label) and smells divine. All you need to do is keep it dry in between washes. I was so surprised by how much it lathered when I put it through my hair. With only a few rubs between my hands then through my hair, it almost foamed too much. I have to say environmental stuff aside this product is worth considering because it's pretty good. With up to 80 washes in a bar for $14.95 its pretty cost effective too.

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