Monday, January 11, 2016

The Fluid Home

I believe in a fluid home.

Life is too short not to change things up every now and again.

With baby number two on the way each passing month increases the nesting urges in me.

My mind is always thinking of new ways I can improve our home and stream line our process'. To make life easier, cleaner and ascetically pleasing.

As apartment dwellers space can be an issue so throwing unnecessary clutter out is always a must. Being flexible with moving furniture for more space or better seating solutions is always happening around here.

We also love having people stay over and hosting dinners, so making sure we can accommodate everyone is always exciting and creative.

Our spare room is now in a transition process. It's going to house me and the new baby until the baby is old enough to bunk with Poppy. I can sleep and BF the baby without disturbing Dan or Poppy during the early days. 

Its been so much fun creating a new space that is always looking new and keeps me busy nesting. It's always changing from day to day but I love it.

It's really taking on a minimalist feel which is calming and versatile. With a new Futon sofa bed it has the ability to feel like a bedroom and spare living space at the same time. Ready to change up in minute.

I'm so thankful we live in a big apartment with lots of sunrooms and traditional dining rooms that has allowed us to create these different spaces. Unfortunately we are only renters but right now it's perfect.

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