The reason I started I love Lamp and Things is because I wanted a place to share my life through the photos I take and the things I make. And if I'm completely honest I saw other blogs and wanted to be as cool as them.

I hope this blog evolves and grows with me as I learn and experience more and I can't wait to see what that looks like.

It's been wonderful so far having this blog. I know I'll be able to look back at all my posts and see my life in it's different stages and capture moments that I'm sure I wouldn't otherwise remember.

I would love to know more about you or what you like on my blog or just about you in general.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope that you come back again!

With love,

Bonnie May


  1. Bonnie! This is a lovely blog and I've been reading off and on, officially following now that I have finished setting up my blog A.

    1. Hey Roze! Thanks for your kind words, I love writing this blog such a nice feeling everytime I post about something in my life. I'll keep my eyes posted on your bog too! -Bonnie